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comma or comma

2022. 12. 21 ~ 12.25 Forest Gallery

The 'comma or comma' special exhibition is not a propositional definition of 'alive', but am I really alive?

At what point am I staying in my life? This exhibition captures the perspectives of 19 young artists on

If 'm' is added to the coma 'coma', it becomes a comma 'comma' that means a comma with a difference of one letter.

Comma has similar symptoms to a coma, but a completely different life condition. 

People are born and grow up and know that the end is death.

Human life is a process of running toward death, and the judgment on the process and meaning will be solely mine.

We are alive, we are living, we are dying. This exhibition is about how I live my life and what choices I want to make.

This is a project that started with a question about “Isn’t this a problem that needs to be considered at least once?” 

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