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comma or comma

2022.12.21~2022.12.25 Forest Gallery

Am I really alive, not propositionally 'alive'? An exhibition that captures the perspectives of 19 young artists on “Where am I staying in my life?”

코마거나 콤마거나 전시 포스터.jpg

The direct life story of 'Jung'
work; knowledge

2021.11.20 ~ 2021.12.4 Youth Culture Space Netty

The second exhibition of workplace knowledge. It is an exhibition of records of the work life of 'Jeong', dedicated to all office workers who struggle to survive and endure fiercely today in the rapidly changing work life.



2019.12.10~2019.12.21 Youth Culture Space Netty

The 3rd art exhibition <Speaker> is a combination of 所 (bar small) 小 (small cow) and Speaker (speaker),  It refers to Millennials-Generation Z who speak freely about their convictions. 

​ Through this exhibition, Artro wanted to show his value without hesitation, no matter how small the issue. 



2018.08.09~2018.08.12 Forest Gallery

The 1st art exhibition <Minning Out> has been made in the form of sharing one's interests using the hash tag function on a social network service (SNS) that actively expresses one's own meaning such as political and social beliefs.

Likewise, the 'Minning Out Exhibition' was also conducted as an exhibition that actively shows the values and interpretations of individual beliefs in the works.


Artists of the future

2022.10.29~2021.11.5 Youth Cultural Creation Center

​I captured the future heritage to be designated 100 years later and the things that will change around it from the artist's point of view, to see if there are things to be lost in the future that we did not know about.


just me

2020.02.21 ~ 2020.02.27 Youth Culture Space Neuti

Away from the past exhibitions where the exhibition always had to have a certain theme and the work had to be melted into it,', 'suddenly', or 'suddenly' is a place to express feelings or thoughts through visual art.

아트로4번째기획전 포스터.jpg

work; knowledge

2018.12.08~2018.12.23 kiokio

The 2nd art exhibition <Workplace: Knowing> captures the pains and sorrows of countless office workers living in this era in two meanings: knowledge and cancer. 

I tried to interpret and show the current address of the unspeakable cry of office workers in sad reality in various ways. 

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