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2022 Chungbuk Cultural Foundation <Chungbuk-type planning support project> support
​Artists who went to the future:
​(Future Heritage) For the surrounding world that will be lost

2022.6.9 ~ 10.10 Artist Project Research Meeting

2021. 10.29 ~ 11.5 Exhibition _ Youth Culture Creation Center Zeuti

Things to lose after the special rule of future heritage

(Future Heritage) is a symbol used to indicate that it is not a fundamental melody, and is used to mean that the Future Heritage itself is not the main character.

If, by any chance, only the future heritage itself is the focus of attention, will there be things to be lost in the future that we did not know about in the future?

The future heritage to be designated 100 years from now, the things that will change around it, and the things around that will not be special in the future, from the artist's point of view 

​I tried to contain it.

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