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The story of the 'Jungs'
work; knowledge

2021. 11.20 ~ 12.4 Young Culture Creation Center Zelty

The exhibition 'Workplace;Knowledge' has the double meaning of 'knowledge', which recognizes the struggles and sorrows of many office workers living in this era, and 'cancer', which means disease. 'Work;Knowledge', which is based on experience, is a sympathetic exhibition project targeting MZ generation and office workers in their 20s and 30s, recording the joys and sorrows of the workplace and capturing them in the form of an exhibition.


Modern office workers have a tougher life amid the recent economic crisis, and their performance suffers from the notice of their superiors. I calm the urge to resign and run away by thinking about my paycheck. I would like to interpret and show the current address of the unspeakable cries of office workers in this funny reality. People who struggled between work-life balance, money and aptitude, and stood in the middle. I want to sympathize with them and comfort them.



- This exhibition is fiercely enduring today in the rapidly changing work life.

Dedicated to all office workers struggling to survive -

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