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A restaurant that stays with you

2017 Rainbow Bridge Cultural Diversity Program

Culture and art experience programs based on various food cultures
young people of different nationalities"food"gathered in one place.

<'Yujikdang' staying with you>silvergiven weekly'subject'To meet

Make and eat food together, The process of talking to each other and expressing it through art

​ This is a culture and art-based youth leisure life program recorded as an essay.


○ Title of the event: Cultural Diversity Program 'You (留/YOU) Restaurant'

○ Organizer/Supervisor: Chungbuk Cultural Foundation / Artro Freedom

○ Date: 2017. 9. 4. ~ 11. 6 (7 times every Monday)

​○ Location: Cheongju Dongbu Warehouse 34 Food Lab

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